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A place for an open discussion about the hottest investment trends, learning, and no dumb questions. 


Welcome to the Two Sides of the Same Dollar Audio Series! This is where the team at Cox Global Associates will discuss a variety of interesting money topics that you may be dealing with and that are in the news today. 

Our hosts include Don Cox, Cody Cox and Jennifer Schneider. 

Segment 3 June 2023: Manager Spotlight

Are You Figuring Out Your Indicators on Your Own????

Listen to an audio clip here: 

Watch the Full Discussion Below:

A discussion with Potomac Fund Management about their tactical allocation strategies we utilize for our clients.

Segment 2 May 2022: Non-Traditional Investments

A discussion about Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Meme Stocks, ESG Stocks, and Big Data's impact on investing.

Segment 1 April 2022: Major Life Changes

Discussion attachments: Questions for Partners, Contemplating Divorce, and Emergency List

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