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Our Services

It is important for our clients to be kept abreast of our current investment posture and outlook.  We have a number of ways to keep you informed. 

Yearly Review Meeting: 
We will be pleased to have an annual review meeting to discuss the previous year’s performance and our recommendations for the next year upon your request. 

Periodic Contacts/Correspondence:
Per your request, we will contact you on an informal basis.  You will also receive updated information on any exchanges in our managed programs.  Clients receive Cox Global Associates, Inc. statements every quarter and periodically from the investment vehicle. 

Investment Literature:
You will receive extensive correspondence from the investment vehicles indicating your account balance, quarterly reports on the fund(s) performance, additional services, etc. 

Our goal is to keep investors informed without inundating them with phone calls and mail and thereby distracting our busy clientele from their duties.  We are available per your request to address any questions or situations that may arise.  We encourage our clients to call us when necessary. 

Our Professional Goals with Clients

Our firm is committed to establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship with each of our clients.  In addition to performance through an appropriate investment, we offer our clients a unique opportunity to work with a company that places a high degree of emphasis on integrity and a personal, professional approach.  We address this in many ways while working with our clients: 

  • We are committed to relationships that are established based on trust for making financial decisions.  As an Investment Advisory firm, our licensed representatives conduct our profession under the guidelines of the Texas State Securities Board. 

  • As professionals in the investment industry, we constantly keep up with changing economic trends, laws, and developments that help plan for your future needs. 

  •  We provide the same attention to each client’s account, regardless of the size.