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Our Firm

Cox Global Associates, Inc. is an Investment Advisory Firm registered with the State of Texas. We focus on a “long-term, disciplined investment approach” for individual and corporate clients. The licensed professionals in our company are registered representatives for Geneos Wealth Management, Inc. (member FINRA/SIPC). We currently serve corporate and individual investors offering a wide spectrum of growth and conservative investment choices. We are an independent firm, associating ourselves with some of the finest domestic and global institutional managers on Wall Street.  The criteria we use in implementing professional money management are mainly two-fold: “Long-term performance in different economic markets and one which emphasizes a conservative, long-term, disciplined approach.”  Our money management firm is for individuals and/or companies seeking long-term growth of capital along with capital preservation. Our disciplined approach to money management utilizing diversified investment vehicles has proven over the years to be rewarding in “up markets.” In subsequent “down or flat” economic conditions, capital preservation is our number one priority. Our primary objective is helping clients build retirement assets or draw income during retirement. A disciplined approach to long-term investing allows clients to enhance their return and meet their goals in an appropriate manner.  The following are the money management services we offer:  

  •  Mutual Funds (USA and Global)
  •  401(k) Company Plans
  •  U.S. Government Bonds and Bond Funds
  •  403(b) – ORP/TSA Plans
  •  Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  •  Self-Employed Retirement Plans (SEP-IRA)
  •  Variable Annuities
  •  Municipal Tax-Free Bonds and Bond Funds
  •  Stock Transactions
  • Managed Programs through Axiom Platform